Testimonials & Showreel

‘I can safely say that working with Makenna has been one of the best experiences I have had as a director. Her attention to detail, dedication and skill were all pivotal in the performance she gave and her adaptation to feedback was excellent. I could not have cast and worked with a more talented actress. I would be extremely lucky to work with her again.’

BAFTA Crew Riyadh Haque 

‘Makenna showed an interesting and original take on the character and gave a very strong performance. We were so impressed that we are actively keeping her in mind for our future projects.’

Cymru BAFTA nominated System Street Films

‘Absolutely loved working with Makenna Guyler. Super, mega talented actress with star potential.’

Hollywood Director Timothy A. Chey

‘A huge and impressive talent. The way she handles herself on screen is second nature to Makenna, she takes direction in her stride and can deliver a performance to remember, even when she is freezing and covered in mud.’

Director Adam Wilson