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Okay so I’m so ridiculously excited to announce that in less than a week I am attending my first red carpet premiere in LA! ‘David & Goliath’ will be premiered in a confidential location in less than a weeks time, meaning I get to dress up and walk the infamous red carpet!

I’ve started a blog to record all my behind the scenes prep & I’m going to create a vlog once in LA of the build up to and the actual event itself, all of which can be found HERE. Give it a read and let me know what you think!


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Feature films- ‘Final Empire’, ‘Clourophobia’, & ‘Dear May’

It’s been all go recently and everything has seemed to happen at once, snowballing into the amazing couple of months I’ve been having.

I landed the lead role of ‘Mychal’ in Fallen States’ feature film ‘Final Empire’, which is set for cinematic release in the US early 2015. Filmed in Tunisia, the film tells the story of ‘David and Goliath’ and is written and directed by Hollywood director, writer, producer Tim Chey. The cast includes ‘Jerry Sokoloski’, Canada’s tallest man at 7ft 6, taking on the role of Goliath. Movie posters and behind the scenes pictures will be posted over the build up to it’s release :)



Filming for feature length film ‘Clourophobia’ began this week, with an interesting lesson in playing Roller Derby with Derbys’ girls team ‘Haunted City Rollers’. After a couple hours finding our feet, we were taught basic shoves and trips, but I have to say it’s a hard game to play & the team make it look so easy! An experience Im not in a hurry to forget! :)

Finally, tomorrow I begin filming for Carl Lewis Films short ‘Dear May’. Keeping the story under wraps I can say that it’s being shot in Milton Keynes studios and will be quite an emotional one!

Loving the journey!


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Camden Council Trailer

So the domestic violence trailer I was a part of a couple of months ago is now live in Camden cinemas! The video is linked below for you to watch- spent the day on set with watery eyes filming this one! Let me know if you get to see it in the cinema :)

And also recently ‘Undercover’ the first episode has been released as a whole- CLICK HERE watch the full episode- Enjoy!

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Three days- ‘Sigma’

And that’s a wrap on Makenna’s latest short film- ‘Sigma’ (previously called ‘Three days’), where she took on the role of Simone.

‘3 chapters, 3 stages of a relationship, 3 genres of film. Sigma is the tale of Christian and Simone, 2 strangers who meet unexpectedly in a cafe. From there, we follow them on a journey through their relationship as each new chapter is presented in a different style of film.’

Once ready, ‘Sigma’ will be sent to both UK and international film festivals. The film’s currently in post, so in the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes photos- more can be found on the Sigma facebook page by clicking HERE.


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‘Lewis’, ‘Three days’, & ‘Holt’


Makenna’s just completed filming for Silver Back’s short film ‘Lewis’, in which she played the lead role of Charlie. The shoot took place over several days in and around London. Without saying too much, the film included one very hectic houseparty which was shot using a crane & a wheelchair- Needless to say the film crew were very creative in the way they got the shots!

The film is currently in post production, but at the end of March will be put into the Odeon in Uxbridge for a one time showing, and then set for internet release- will be posted here as soon as possible!

‘Three days’

1506700_551549918285370_129314208_n10003961_552628564844172_257225320_na short created to be entered into UK & international film festivals, it tells the basic story of a relationship. Due to be filmed over the last week in March, Makenna is playing the lead female role, and she is currently working on the character ‘Simone’, in preparation.



A post apocalyptic film based in our future. Due to be filmed in August, 5edf7e0abed06e7fdec058b22ff74672_largeMakenna will play the lead role ‘Eliza’.

The film tells a story or revenge and pain in a dog eat dog world.

Recently, the cast & crew began the projet with a ‘screen test’ to view locations, check equiment & iron out possible issues.


It’s safe to say this is an incredibly exciting project and as more can be released, it will be posted here.

The film is currently crowd raising, so if you would liketo view ‘BuddyBox Films’ previous work, would like to make a small donation, or want to find out more about ‘Holt’ check out CLICK HERE.




That’s all for now, so to tide you over, here’s a small sneak peak of a location- more can be viewed on the link above.



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Another 2014 credit under the belt! Yesterday, Makenna took part in the filming of a domestic abuse awareness campaign, playing the role of an abused girlfriend. Stills from the shoot and more information will be released closer to the press release, and the footage itself is set to be released into Camden cinemas soon after.

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Makenna’s been confirmed for the voiceover of a book trailer of the dystopian young adult thriller ‘The Only’. Recording beings tomorrow and the finished product will be avaliable soon for viewing.

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Makenna Guyler’s Showreel now fully edited & on Spotlight!

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Short film ‘Hannah’

Club scene



Makenna starring in the lead role ‘Jennifer’ in short film ‘Hannah’.

Fan art

The short film is currently being edited to be entered into various film festivals in 2014, so footage is currently underwraps! That being said, you can Click Here to view the first teaser trailer!


Below is the first promo poster and first piece of fan art created! More to follow soon! :)


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Makenna with her co stars in new TV Show ‘Undercover’

Currently being pitched to channels, ‘Undercover’ is a new comedy TV show, following the ups & downs of 4 students.

Through mismatched love, many awkward moments and the common struggle of ‘finding yourself’, the show has been described as ‘fresh & witty’ and is set to do well.

Below are images on set & behind the scenes with the cast and crew.

You can view snippets of the pilot episode in Makenna’s showreel here.


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