48 hour challenge

48 hour challenge 

So recently I was asked by CarlLewis Films who I had the pleasure of working with last year to be their lead actress for the upcoming 48 hour films challenge! With such an incredible team of creatives behind it the filming ran so smoothly, from the initial meeting where teams are given the criteria for there film, through the script writing, then filming, editing and composing to the ultimate hand in. All the stills below were taken by Benjamin Gregory- Ring who can be found here. The final film can be seen here.

And to top off an awesome day- the film won its category! Congratulations to CarlLewis Films and everyone involved 😀

1634 21November One Dark Night-21557 21November One Dark Night-21319 21November One Dark Night



So I’m currently between Switzerland, France, Germany and Cameroon, shooting for Lab Studios’ TV pilot ‘Lifeline’. It’s been so much fun, with the most gorgeous locations and such a lovely cast and crew to work with- midway through and it’s safe to say this will be a gripping one to watch- In the mean time I’ve attached some pictures (and yes that is a double rainbow mid thunderstorm!) :)











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