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Another 2014 credit under the belt! Yesterday, Makenna took part in the filming of a domestic abuse awareness campaign, playing the role of an abused girlfriend. Stills from the shoot and more information will be released closer to the press release, and the footage itself is set to be released into Camden cinemas soon after.

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Makenna’s been confirmed for the voiceover of a book trailer of the dystopian young adult thriller ‘The Only’. Recording beings tomorrow and the finished product will be avaliable soon for viewing.

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Makenna Guyler’s Showreel now fully edited & on Spotlight!

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Short film ‘Hannah’

Club scene



Makenna starring in the lead role ‘Jennifer’ in short film ‘Hannah’.

Fan art

The short film is currently being edited to be entered into various film festivals in 2014, so footage is currently underwraps! That being said, you can Click Here to view the first teaser trailer!


Below is the first promo poster and first piece of fan art created! More to follow soon! :)


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Makenna with her co stars in new TV Show ‘Undercover’

Currently being pitched to channels, ‘Undercover’ is a new comedy TV show, following the ups & downs of 4 students.

Through mismatched love, many awkward moments and the common struggle of ‘finding yourself’, the show has been described as ‘fresh & witty’ and is set to do well.

Below are images on set & behind the scenes with the cast and crew.

You can view snippets of the pilot episode in Makenna’s showreel here.


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