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More Strange Than True

First feature of the year wrapped! The film was written and directed  by Benjamin Rider at B.R. productions and Riding Pictures. The team were so lovely, and I got to work with a great bunch of new actors, which for me is always a massive part of my work. The film is loosely based on Shakespeares’ ‘A Midsummer Nights’ Dream’, and shot in a completely unique way that without giving too much away will be an interesting watch!


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48 hour challenge

48 hour challenge 

So recently I was asked by CarlLewis Films who I had the pleasure of working with last year to be their lead actress for the upcoming 48 hour films challenge! With such an incredible team of creatives behind it the filming ran so smoothly, from the initial meeting where teams are given the criteria for there film, through the script writing, then filming, editing and composing to the ultimate hand in. All the stills below were taken by Benjamin Gregory- Ring who can be found here. The final film can be seen here.

And to top off an awesome day- the film won its category! Congratulations to CarlLewis Films and everyone involved 😀

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So I’m currently between Switzerland, France, Germany and Cameroon, shooting for Lab Studios’ TV pilot ‘Lifeline’. It’s been so much fun, with the most gorgeous locations and such a lovely cast and crew to work with- midway through and it’s safe to say this will be a gripping one to watch- In the mean time I’ve attached some pictures (and yes that is a double rainbow mid thunderstorm!) :)











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Hey! So many exciting things kicking off at the moment- absolutely loving what 2015 is bringing!

To begin with, principal photography on short film ‘Sleep’ has wrapped- an awesome cast and crew to be involved with and I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product.

Short film ‘Holt’ (shot end 2014) is almost through post production, which means the trailer will be released soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, I’ve secured a role in a dystopian TV series, set in our future where we suffer in a baron world and fight to survive. With this, I’ll be off filming in New York in the near future and will keep you posted along the way!


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Now making its’ way through post production, the trailer for post apocalyptic short ‘Holt’ has been released- If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch to see what’s to come!!


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So first post of the year- Hi!

I’ve been cast in 2 short films- both destined for film festival circulation, and set to be filmed mid and late 2015. I can’t reveal too much at this point, but both characters are extremely exciting and I’m loving the pre production character development!


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Okay so awesome news! Firstly my new showreel’s up! (After a few hours of battling with wordpress…)


The pilot I was involved in a while back has been accepted onto the channel ‘SHORT’, which plays in numerous countries, including the US! So excited- more details such as dates etc to follow soon!

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I’ve started my vlog & blog! I’m such a technophobe but I’ve done it!

Recording my journey before, during and after my red carpet experience you can find my blog HERE, and my first ever vlog HERE– more to come soon! Let me know what you think :)

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Okay so I’m so ridiculously excited to announce that in less than a week I am attending my first red carpet premiere in LA! ‘David & Goliath’ will be premiered in a confidential location in less than a weeks time, meaning I get to dress up and walk the infamous red carpet!

I’ve started a blog to record all my behind the scenes prep & I’m going to create a vlog once in LA of the build up to and the actual event itself, all of which can be found HERE. Give it a read and let me know what you think!


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Feature films- ‘Final Empire’, ‘Clourophobia’, & ‘Dear May’

It’s been all go recently and everything has seemed to happen at once, snowballing into the amazing couple of months I’ve been having.

I landed the lead role of ‘Mychal’ in Fallen States’ feature film ‘Final Empire’, which is set for cinematic release in the US early 2015. Filmed in Tunisia, the film tells the story of ‘David and Goliath’ and is written and directed by Hollywood director, writer, producer Tim Chey. The cast includes ‘Jerry Sokoloski’, Canada’s tallest man at 7ft 6, taking on the role of Goliath. Movie posters and behind the scenes pictures will be posted over the build up to it’s release :)



Filming for feature length film ‘Clourophobia’ began this week, with an interesting lesson in playing Roller Derby with Derbys’ girls team ‘Haunted City Rollers’. After a couple hours finding our feet, we were taught basic shoves and trips, but I have to say it’s a hard game to play & the team make it look so easy! An experience Im not in a hurry to forget! :)

Finally, tomorrow I begin filming for Carl Lewis Films short ‘Dear May’. Keeping the story under wraps I can say that it’s being shot in Milton Keynes studios and will be quite an emotional one!

Loving the journey!


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Camden Council Trailer

So the domestic violence trailer I was a part of a couple of months ago is now live in Camden cinemas! The video is linked below for you to watch- spent the day on set with watery eyes filming this one! Let me know if you get to see it in the cinema :)

And also recently ‘Undercover’ the first episode has been released as a whole- CLICK HERE watch the full episode- Enjoy!

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